Sunday, June 12, 2016


Hello! So I'm assuming that you either love to read, are looking for something new to read, or just wanted to check out the blog. Either way, you are in the right place. Reading is definitely a huge passion of mine. I tell people all the time that if you haven't read a book that makes you want to pick up another one, then you aren't reading the right stuff. Now don't get me wrong, everyone is different. However, reading shouldn't be a chore for you. Every time I open a good book I live within the pages. It's definitely an escape for me and always has been. I mean seriously, what's better than losing yourself in a good book? So on that note............Welcome to Book Love With V!

I will be sharing all kinds of different stuff on the blog. Also, I will post the books that I'm reading, waiting to read, and uploading reviews over time of books that I have read. 

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