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Hello everyone and welcome to Book Love With V!

So you know that person in high school that always had their nose in a book or that you could always count on having a book in their bag? Yeah, that was me. Not much has changed in that area, but I do have more responsibilities. When I'm not working on my Master's or at work, you can catch me reading a book or spending time with my loved ones.

There is nothing better than falling into a good book. I love the feeling of being swept between the pages and never wanting to leave. I thoroughly enjoy introducing people to my favorite authors and talking to them about books.

My favorite genres are anything YA, NA, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance. I do read other genres, but these are the ones that I read the most. I can honestly say that I read at least 3 or more books a week, except during the semester when I am in school. So yes, I am and always have been a book worm. I have no shame! Hah! With that being said, I hope that you enjoy the blog as much as I will.

Also, any reviews that you see on my blog are what I actually think about the book. I do review books that have been given to me by authors in exchange for a review, but I will ALWAYS state my honest opinion. If an author has given me a book to review, then I will state that somewhere in my review.

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